CBD’s Potential to be a Wake-Promoting Agent


There are some interesting studies being done on the relationship between cannabis and sleep. Many of these studies have shown that cannabis can be very versatile in the way it impacts sleep. For instance, it demonstrates the potential to promote wakefulness while also helping to regulate healthy sleep patterns.

There have been multiple studies done on mice and rats that show CBD has alerting properties and activates neurons in the wake-inducing area of the brain. In the study Potential Effects of Cannabidiol as a Wake-Promoting Agent experimental evidence on cannabidiol’s potential role as a wake inducing drug was gathered.

“Recently, several groups have investigated the pharmacological properties of CBD with significant findings; furthermore, this compound has raised promising pharmacological properties as a wake-inducing drug.”

The image above shows the hypothesized mechanism of action of CBD on sleep modulation based on the experimental research in this study. CBD was injected into the hypothalamus; the part of the brain that controls hormone release and many aspects of the body’s physiological state. The hypothalamus then activates neurons (specialized cells that transmit nerve signals) in an area of the brain that is associated dopamine release. This activation promotes the release of dopamine and, in turn, promotes increased wakefulness.

This is an area of science worth exploring with sleep disturbances becoming a more common problem.


Potential Effects of Cannabidiol as a Wake-Promoting Agent, Current Neuropharmacology, May 2014, Volume 12, Number 3, Pages 269-272