Dara Torres: My CBD Journey

Press Room

I have received so much support and interest since I announced my role as Chief Lifestyle & Wellness Officer and investor in the CBD company, CaniBrands. With the influx of questions and congratulations from friends and family, I quickly realized that there is still a cloud of confusion around CBD vs. Cannabis. This confusion and lack of real education is what motivated me to work with CaniBrands as they were the only company I spoke with that actually was interested in providing information to the consumer, not just selling products.

I had several conversations with the great people at CaniBrands, learning about their mission, their vision and what my goals were moving forward. As part of our discussions, CaniBrands talked about me possibly becoming an equity partner. I shared that I had done this several times in the supplement industry only to lose my money and ultimately get burned. So I was very apprehensive. CaniBrands spent so much time providing an overview of how massive the CBD market is and how fast it is growing. How regulations in many states are being discussed to potentially open up opportunities and how many of the largest retailers in the world are now carrying CBD products.

I started to really get excited. I decided that not only did I want to use my experience to help educate the world on the power of CBD’s but also how CaniBrands was an early stage company with massive potential and I decided I wanted to become a vested equity partner. It was such an incredible feeling. I love being part of a team. Especially an underdog! The senior management of CaniBrands are so good, so patient and so dedicated to creating a lifestyle brand that has the potential to be the next great CPG company globally.

I am many things, a mom, an Olympian, an author, etc. I am not a stock broker or investment analysis. I can only share my passion and commitment to CaniBrands. I see this as the early stages of an industry that will redefine pain and inflammation management and provide relief to millions of people around the world. I hope my story inspires you to take your own journey learning about CBD.

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