More Energy & Focus Without the Jitters

A powerful blend of ingredients including Caffeine, Blended Terpenes, Sunflower Lecithin, Mint Flavour, MCT Oil and Vitamins B12 and D3.

Can-i-Boost products are uniquely formulated to revive and replenish your energy levels, and increase endurance and focus. Whether it’s a boost in the morning, a boost to get you through the work day, or a boost through that last rep in the gym, Can-i-Boost provides energy and focus throughout your day. Trusted by customers and used by athletes in all different forms. Our all-natural Oral Sprays and Sublingual Tinctures are easy to use and WORK. You have things to do and places to go so we want to empower you to achieve your daily goals.

"Using the can-I boost spray to give me a boost while I shovel this Minnesota snow!"

"CaniBoost provides me with the perfect amount of energy to start my day! I am not a coffee drinker, so this is the most effective way for me to get caffeine in the morning."

"I am Feeling Amazing with a jolt of energy to boost me forward through the rest of the day, or as seen here, to get me through my hitting session in the cage"

Boost Energy

Focus Your Mind

Extend Workouts

Big fan of the Can-i-Boost. Great to take first thing in the morning. Provides a good start to day.


I use both the Can-i-Sleep and Can-i-Boost. Although I still wake up throughout the night, my mind does not seem to race as much so I am able to fall back asleep.


I bought the Can-i-Boost. I take it every morning. Really wakes me up and makes me feel super alert. It’s allowed me to slow down with how much coffee I drink. Definitely recommend.


Great product.


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0% THC


  • Can-i-Boost products combine hemp-derived CBD with a powerful blend of vitamins and herbal extracts known to keep you alert, energized and clear-headed.
  • Formulated to support an active lifestyle.
  • Energy and focus where and when you need it.
  • A boost without the crash or jitters.

It may be surprising news to some...

but early studies have shown that CBD may actually work with your endocannabinoid system to increase mental alertness, focus, physical endurance and energy.

Long distance runners, academics, yogis, jiu-jitsu practitioners, and athletes from all walks of life have been discovering the unique benefits CBD provides for mental clarity, endurance and stamina.

What would you do today if you had a little boost?

What could you accomplish with a boost?

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