A CBD Essential for Everyday Wellness

If you love the classic CBD products on the market today this is your conveniently easy to use Oral Spray. Experience the power of CBD with our all natural Can-i-Fresh experience, which is formulated for your everyday use. It has a natural mint flavour and utilizes hemp-derived CBD Isolate as the main active ingredient. Early studies have shown that CBD may be a powerful antioxidant with many potential benefits to support your daily health. The Oral Spray is easy to use, discreet and can be helpful at any time of the day.

"I'm a manager at Starbucks and everyone has been sick lately but it has helped me stay mentally clear and healthy. I had my mom visit and she tried it and said she felt great after."

"Heading back to Minnesota with a FRESH and clean mind for the week"

"Gearing up for the snowstorm on a fast lunch break to Target!!! So nice to stay on track zooming around the busy place with my @canibrands Can-I-Fresh!!!!"

Natural Antioxidant

Flow Through Your Day

Restore Homeostasis

The products are high quality and work very well. The Can-i-Mend balm has helped with my knee pain significantly and the Can-i-Fresh spray has helped my mind feel clear.


Great product that helps with energy and mental clarity.


I started a new job and had my first child around the same time earlier this year so I decided to try the Can-i-Fresh spray to avoid stress and tiredness. I could not be more happy with the results as it has allowed me to go about my day with more energy and almost no stress. It has made me noticeably more productive at work and also gives me the energy to still play with my child when I get home.


Tremendous selection of products for everyday use. I feel great and attribute this to CaniBrands’ high quality ingredients that serve their products really well.

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0% THC


  • Inspired by the love of natural remedies and a mission to revitalize our bodies.
  • Restoring balance to your endocannabinoid system.
  • Supporting everyday health and wellness.

Can-i-Fresh is all about

helping you take on each day with more clarity, calm and ease!

Our customers are why we exist which is why we created the Can-i-Fresh CBD line to act as your go to to promote homeostasis. CBD interacts directly with your endocannabinoid system to help regulate mood, nervous system, and immune system.

We want you to feel replenished, rejuvenated and realigned all day, everyday. It’s no wonder colloquially, some researchers have even referred to CBD as the "boy scout molecule", meaning it always does the right thing in any given situation.

A CBD Essential for Everyday Wellness

Available in Fast-Acting Oral Spray

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