Cani-Boost: CBD for Energy

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      3 products


      More energy & focus without the jitters

      Cani-Boost CBD products are uniquely formulated with caffeine to revive and replenish your energy levels and increase endurance and focus. Whether it’s a boost in the morning, a boost to get you through the workday, or a boost through that last rep at the gym, Cani-Boost provides energy and focus throughout your entire day. Trusted by customers and used by athletes in all different forms, our all-natural CBD oils and CBD oral sprays are easy to use and really work. You have things to do and places to go so we want to empower you to achieve your daily goals.

      Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that your body needs, but cannot produce. Vitamin D3 is produced naturally only when the body is exposed to the sun.
      Natural Caffeine
      Caffeine is most commonly found in drinks such as coffee and tea, and its most noticeable effect is alertness.
      Ginseng Extract
      Ginseng is believed to enhance wellbeing and is often utilized in herbal medicine (found only in our Oral CBD Spray).
      MCT Oil
      MCT oil is easily absorbed in the body, quickly boosting energy.
      Cani-Boost Oil
      Cani-Boost CBD Oil
      CBD oils are the most common form of CBD on the market. These oils are to be taken orally and can either be consumed directly or added to a liquid and consumed (e.g. coffee, juice). To maximize absorption, apply drops under the tongue and hold 30 seconds before swallowing.
      Formulated with caffeine, MCT oil, and vitamins B12 & D3
      Revive and replenish your energy levels
      Consume in the morning or throughout the day
      Cani-Boost CBD Oral Spray
      CBD Oral sprays are compact and easy to carry. Put it in your pocket, purse, or bag to help you dose on the go. Compared to CBD oils, oral sprays are offered at lower concentrations of CBD to help micro-dose your CBD intake and adjust the dose as needed through our precise spray technology.
      Formulated with caffeine, taurine, and vitamin B3
      Revive and replenish your energy levels
      Consume pre-workout to optimize your performance
      Cani-Boost Oil
      Astrid Loch
      I’ll take this about 30 minutes before my workout, it gives me energy and gets me motivated.
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      @Astrid_Loch on Cani-Boost CBD Oil
      Morgan Willett
      One drop of this helps you focus, energize and my favourite part is it doesn’t give you the jitters.
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      @morganleighwillett on Cani-Boost CBD Oil