Cani-Mend: CBD for Recovery

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1 product


Support the body’s natural ability to repair and recover

Whether you’re sore from working out or just working hard, discover the restorative benefits of broad-spectrum hemp extract with the Cani-Mend experience. Available in an easy to apply topical cream or balm, or ingestible oil or oral spray, Cani-Mend is a must have to provide relief to your body. Keep your body feeling in tip top shape everyday!

Hemp Extract
Contains multiple cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBDA and CBVD, that work together to help you experience the maximum benefits of the hemp plant.
Organic Rhodiola
Supports the body's ability to resist physical stress.
Supports the body's anti-inflammatory response and helps ease joint and muscle discomfort.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera contains enzymes which have numerous benefits including: exfoliating dead skin, moisturizing and minimizing visibility of stretch marks and dark spots.
Cani-Mend Cream
Cani-Mend CBD Cream - Tube
CBD cream in a tube has a sleek design and is easy to throw in your gym bag for quick relief when you need it most. This makes it easy to apply, with its light and airy texture. Formulated with coconut oil for fast absorption, Cani-Mend CBD cream helps to hydrate, soften and protect the skin.
Formulated with coconut oil for increased hydration
Sleek design for easy travel
Fast-absorbing for quick relief
Cani-Mend CBD Oil
Formulated with organic rhodiola, ginger, and vitamins B & D3
Decrease your recovery time
Consume for full body relief where you need it most
Cani-Mend Cream Tube
Cani-Mend CBD Oral Spray
Cani-Mend CBD Oral Spray
CBD oral sprays are compacy and easy to carry in your bag when you're on the go. Compared to CBD oils, CBD oral sprays are offered at lower concentrations of CBD to effectively micro-dose your CBD intake. With their precise spray technology, it’s easy to adjust the dose as needed.
Formulated with organic rhodiola, ginger, vitamins D3 and B complex vitamins
Natual mint flavor to support your body's repair & recovery
Consume for full-body relief while on-the-go
Cani-Mend CBD Cream
CBD creams are light and airy in texture, making them fast-absorbing and easy to apply. Nourish and moisturize the skin to promote hydration while supporting your body’s anti-inflammatory response. Keep your body feeling in tip-top shape, at any time of the day.
Formulated with safflower oil
Soothes muscle discomfort instantly
Ideal for applying on larger muscle groups
Cani-Mend CBD Cream
Cani-Mend CBD Balm
Cani-Mend CBD Balm
CBD balms have a smooth and waxy consistency that melts right into the skin. This promotes long-lasting and instant relief for targeted muscles or joints.
Formulated with beeswax & castor oil
Soothe joint & muscle discomfort instantly
Ideal for applying on smaller muscles & joints
Dara Torres
So I started using Cani-Mend and I felt like it was really dulling the pain that I was having. I was like, Wow this is great.
12x Olympic Medalist, NY Times Best-Selling Author, & Mom (422k+ Followers)
Dara Torres on Cani-Mend Soothing Relief CBD Cream
Morgan Leigh Willett
I’ll spread this on sore muscles and roll out… it helps my muscles so much, so I highly, highly recommend this product
Big Brother Winner (300k+Followers)
@morganleighwillett on Cani-Mend Repair & Recovery CBD Cream